Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few words about Steve Wilson.

Sometime the measure of a presence is realized in absence. Take a footprint left in the sand. The weight, mass and trajectory of a person can be measured by observing the details left in the wake of their having walked, ran or danced there. Evidence can found not in what is no longer there, but by the traces that remain.

Monday afternoon, I received word that my friend and colleague, Steve Wilson had been admitted to the ICU that preceding weekend. That same Monday evening, he passed away. Steve was never one to belabor the point in social situations. He was short on fanfare, but long on concern and caring. I don't think I had ever really registered this until now.

Years ago, while attending college, Steve came to Myrtle Beach, SC. He took a summer job as a waiter, and never left. And while he never finished that college degree, he always amazed me with his depth of knowledge about art, advertising, typography and design. His work was meticulous, deliberate and precise. So was Steve.

He thought long and hard before he spoke. His conversation was deliberate and focused. He was always serious. Until you made him laugh. In those great moments he let his guard down and laughed, it always reminded me of the truly sincere and thoughtful man that he was.

I've struggled to pay tribute to Steve. Not because there aren't sincere feelings for him, but because Steve never liked a fuss being made about him. He was always quietly working. Be it a on a design, or, for one of the many charitable causes he was so deeply involved in, he worked in the background-not for the reward of praise, but from the reward that came from doing his best. Doing that which is right.

Judging from the sense of loss that has radiated from the coast of South Carolina, to North Carolina, Virginia, California and all the way to Upstate New York, the measure of Steve's life has been measured in the absence he has left on the world. For all of us who knew him, we take comfort in residing in the traces of that life that still remains within our hearts. Thanks Steve for spending time with us.